Welcome to JumpUpVibes Radio UK we are a non profit internet based radio station playing music 24/7 365 days a week,

We do not play ads on the radio its a continuas stream of music with all kinds of different genre we are also accepting donations to help keep the radio running and below you will see the list of partners we are with in sponsors

We have dj's from all around the world playing different genre's from hardcore to acid and from DNB to Garage and UK HipHop if you would like to become part of JumpUpVibes Radio UK please use the contact form in the contact us tab and we will send you an email back with all the information you will need to join us and be part of the JUVUK family as we are continuasly growing


We are launching the new look of the year of the JUVUK website with cool new features we have and to become more interactive

Welcome to JUVUK

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